Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"This is all very different from the cloister" -- Emory

You grew up secluded from the rest of the world. Whether you lived on a lonely mountain village, a religious retreat, or in an enclave within a city, the ways of the outside world are a mystery.

You've learned to approach situations through curiosity.

  • Solve a problem using your peoples' ways
  • Ask naive but insightful questions
  • Reveal hidden knowledge or exclusive experience

Flip to get a hit.


//"Everything's different out here. That's why it's called a cloister" -- Basler

Your early life didn't prepare you for the sheer variey of people and things the world has to offer. You might make a basic blunder, or ask a troubling question. When in doubt, there might be someone you rely on for answers, or you may rely on your upbringing's incomplete picture of things.

  • Violate unspoken rules or cultural taboos
  • Cause conflict through misunderstanding
  • Fall back on a trusted authority

Flip when a prompt is narrated by anyone.