Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"Y'see, this gizmo here can automatically pick any lock in the kingdom!" -- Basler

You focus on science, technology, or artifice to get things done.

This could include familiar inventions like handguns or balloons, or magitek such as glowing crystal fire-rods, or products of magic such as alchemical potions.

You can use, repair, or replace your toolkit of inventions.

  • Fight using advanced weapons or protective gear
  • Overcome obstacles by deploying a gadget
  • Gain surprise or advantage against those unfamiliar with your tech

Flip to get a hit.


//"The gizmo broke and I gotta fix it. Well, at least I have my tools." -- Basler

Nothing works perfectly, especially new inventions that have seen more use than testing.

  • The gadget has unexpected side effects or fails to work at a key moment
  • A gadget malfunctions or breaks in interesting ways
  • People distrust or avoid your strange science

Flip when a prompt is narrated by anyone.