Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards

Wanted / Pursued


//"I think they saw us." -- Tana

Someone or something powerful or dangerous is seeking you out, and you'd rather not be found.

You risk discovery if you present yourself to guards, spies, or allies. There might be a bounty on you, or hunters after you.

Can you lay low, or do you need to leave the area? Who can you trust, and who would rat you out? What do you sacrifice to keep safe?

  • You broke the law or offended someone
  • You're in a heavily guarded area and people are suspicious
  • You've done something to attract official attention
  • You're in a dangerous animal's territory

Flip to worsen the condition and get a hit. Discard by spending a scene attending to the condition.


//"They definitely saw us!" -- Basler

You are being actively hunted, by someone or something that wishes you ill.

You must stay hidden, disguise yourself when in the open, or take other steps to avoid attention.

Your pursuers might have some idea about your immediate goals, and work to thwart them as well.

What new discoveries does your escape lead you to? How do you change your identity or habits to escape notice? What threatens your sanctuary that's just as dangerous as your pursuers?

  • Wanted posters or official notices
  • Guards raised an alarm
  • You're in enemy territory or surrounded

Discard by spending downtime attending to the condition.