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Constellation Cards



//"That ain't no ordinary wolf, folks.." -- Basler

Monstrous threats are altered forms of the familiar. They are fiercer, more feral, or disturbingly unnatural.

The characteristics of a mundane thing become exaggerated and gruesome. Muscles knot and bulge. Jaws elongate and bristle with vicious fangs. Hide thickens and goes patchy. All is as seen through the lens of nightmare.

You may be challenged by a Monstrous threat's adaptations, or by its relentless aggression.

Monstrous threats can:

  • Lash out viciously
  • Use their adaptions to overwhelm the unprepared
  • Terrify onlookers with their awful nature

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//"Whoever corrupted this creature will pay. Let's press on." -- Woody

A Monstrous threat is powered by its rage or aggression, but those can be its downfall as well.

Monstrous creatures often lack a sense of self-preservation, fighting relentlessly when others would retreat.

You may avoid the challenge of a Monstrous threat by taking advantage of its twisted, feral nature.

Monstrous threats may:

  • Lose themselves in their own ferocity
  • Fall into traps when skillfully goaded
  • Misunderstand those not driven by similar instincts

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