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The Warren

The Warren

The Warren is the hidden heart of the city. It is an organic tangle of alleyways, residences, nameless shops, side streets, historical buildings, and more. It is what the city does with itself when no one is looking.

A flourishing Warren keeps the city's heart beating. The things that make the city unique, such as its culture, tastes, and trends, emerge from here unannounced. The city's history is likewise on display for curious visitors.

  • What traditions or styles did the Warren give birth to?
  • What hidden treasures can be found here?
  • How do locals and visitors interact with each other?

Flip to see the struggling version of this neighborhood

The Warren

The Warren is the hidden heart of the city. It is an impenetrable maze of dark alleys, boarded-up shops, narrow streets, ancient graveyards, and more. It is the city's secret suffering.

A struggling Warren is the city's surrender to despair. Strangers receive furtive looks when they visit this neighborhood, and long-time residents talk wistfully or bitterly about "the way things used to be".

  • Has the city forsaken itself, or fallen prey to outside influence?
  • What secrets do the inhabitants furtively guard?
  • Does the Warren bristle at visitors, or hunker down and wait for them to leave?

Flip to see the flourishing version of this neighborhood