Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"Deep breaths. Stay calm. Show them we're friends." -- Tana

The encounter includes a highly charged situation that affects some or all of the beings present.

Maybe someone expects something momentous to happen at any moment. Maybe two or more parties are on the verge of taking drastic action.

You may be challenged to navigate a Tense situation without making it blow up, or losing an important opportunity.

Beings in a Tense situation may:

  • Lash out with ill-considered action
  • Make bad assessments or assume the worst
  • Heedlessly run away, often making things worse

Flip to see ways to meet the encounter's challenges.


//"You mean the real villain all this time was...?!" -- Emory

If you discover the reason for a Tense situation, you can often find ways to diffuse things.

If you don't get caught up in the tension, maybe you can talk the others down, or pacify them.

You may avoid the challenge of a Tense situation by getting all the facts and making careful choices in your approach.

Beings in a Tense situation may:

  • Hold the key to a secret or a misunderstanding
  • Exchange their trust for support
  • Overlook past beliefs and opinions in the stress of the moment

Flip to see ways the encounter challenges the PCs.