Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards

Undergeared / Ungeared


//"This is the last of our fresh water." -- Woody

Vital gear has been damaged, or resources are running low.

You might have lost something and been forced to make do. You can't overuse what you have, lest things get worse. You might need to ration what you have.

What have you lost that's hardest to live without? Can you use some ingenuity to get by with whatever's left, or what you can scrounge? Who in the area has a replacement, and what do they want for it?

  • Blunted or broken weapons, low on arrows
  • Damaged or partial armor
  • Malfunctioning magical tools
  • Lacking food, water, or medicine

Flip to worsen the condition and get a hit. Discard by spending a scene attending to the condition.


//"The flood washed away our campsite! Now what?" -- Basler

Your gear has been broken, lost, or taken, or you are out of some important resource.

You must scavenge for substitutes, or make do with barely-adequate improvisations. If you lack basic necessities like food, you must hunt for them soon.

Where must you go to get what you need? Who has it, and what do they demand for it? How do you change habits or tactics to deal with the problems cause by what you lack?

  • Equipment lost in floods or other calamity
  • Stripped of weapons by enemies
  • Magical tools disenchanted
  • Completely without rations or shelter

Discard by spending downtime attending to the condition.