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Condition Cards / Condition Examples

Condition Cards

You've been affected by injury, delirium, debts, magical curses, or other problems.

You can take a condition to get a hit. Describe how. Players who challenge you can suggest conditions to meet it.

The condition is fictionally true and limits your actions. If you narrate an action the condition would interfere with, you must meet the challenge of the condition in addition to any other challenges.

You can flip a front-side condition to worsen it and get a hit. Describe how.

Clearing conditions takes time. Use this time to drive drama, build the world, or explore how you clear the condition.

Discard any conditions that no longer apply in the fiction.

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    Condition Examples

    Conditions are a way to achieve success at a cost. You can use conditions in many ways.

    • You choose to take Disarmed to score a telling blow on the enemy.
    • The facilitator or another player thinks touching the idol will leave you Magicked.
    • A poisonous cloud envelops you. If you want to stay in it, meet the challenge by taking Weakened.
    • You're already Hurt, but you can worsen it to Wounded to get a hit. You attack, blood gushing from reopened wounds, and strike down your enemy before falling in a faint yourself.
    • You spend a scene being healed by a priestess to discard Hurt. You wanted to talk to her anyway, about...
    • You spend a week of downtime doing odd jobs to pay off Indebted. During that time, you listen for new adventure opportunities.

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