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The Marketplace

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is the commercial core of the city. It might include a rowdy labyrinth of vendors hawking their wares, a smoke-smothered block of forges and anvils where blacksmiths arm the soldiery. or warehouses full of grain or rice.

A flourishing Marketplace balances supply and demand. The Marketplace produces the bulk of the city's wares, then makes them available to those with money equal to their need. If both seller and buyer exist for something, the Marketplace ensures they will eventually meet.

  • What goods is the neighborhood best known for?
  • What can be found here, but is unknown to most visitors?
  • Who controls what's found here?

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The Marketplace

The Marketplace is the commercial core of the city. The vendors may be few and far between, the fires of the forge may lie extinguished, and farmers' crops may rot in warehouses - or be taken away at insultingly low prices.

A struggling Marketplace lacks either supply or demand. If the wares are not available, or nobody has either the wealth or the interest in obtaining what's there, commerce will wither on the vine.

  • Does the neighborhood have the wrong goods, or the wrong buyers?
  • What hidden assets might still be found here?
  • Who profits from the current situation? Who does not?

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