Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"Earth sprites. They have the ore we seek." -- Tana

This encounter involves powerful elemental forces. This can mean creatures made of such forces, or dangerous sources like a volcano or a violent storm.

You may be challenged by the raw power of an Elemental threat, or it can cause environmental dangers or obstacles.

An Elemental power may:

  • Create, animate, or manipulate its element in useful or dangerous ways
  • Change the environment with aspects of its element, such as making rivers of fire or barriers of wind
  • Control or manipulate its element, even inside complex or living things, like the metal in electronics or the water in blood

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//"They had some nice gemstones too!" -- Basler

The elements represent a complex system with rules that can be exploited.

Each element is usually weak to another element, such as fire being weak to water. Elements are also bound to their natures. Fire needs some sort of fuel to persist, for example.

You can weaken or neutralize an Elemental threat by exploiting its vulnerabilities or using its nature against it.

Elemental threats may:

  • Be vulnerable to their element's normal vulnerabilities or rules
  • Require a nearby source of the element to control, or just to survive

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