Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"My arrows go right through it." -- Woody

This encounter includes something ghostly or purely spiritual.

Spectral entities might have obligations or passions binding them to the mortal world. They may be frightened, angry, or confused. They might wish to go - or stay.

You may be challenged by a Spectral threat if you can't interact with it, or if its otherworldly nature has dangerous effects.

A Spectral threat may:

  • Pass through solid matter or people
  • Wield morbid magics like chilling touch or possession
  • Ravenously pursue something the living have that it wants

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//"I'll have a magic circle up in a moment!" -- Tana

Spectral beings came to the waking world for a reason, whether for mischief, malice, or other needs. The bonds holding them to life are tenuous, and if they're given what they want, or can no longer get it, they might be forced back.

Spectral encounter may not pose a challenge if their objective is obtained, threatened, or destroyed. A Spectral threat may:

  • Be forced back into the other world by applying arcane lore
  • Be weakened or repulsed by warding rituals
  • Make a compromise to achieve its objective

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