Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"Knights should be glorious champions of honor!" -- Emory

You knew from a young age that there's a right and wrong way to do things. You might be from a noble family where things are done just so, or your parents might have lived in constant fear of something, and their caution rubbed off on you.

You've learned to approach situations through protocol.

  • Uphold a code of behavior in the face of doubt or weakness
  • Use the training or skills that led to your code's adoption
  • Inspire or counsel others using your code

Flip to get a hit.


//"As opposed to ironclad thugs lording it over the peasants?" -- Basler

While committing to a way of life gives you strength to press on, it can make people inflexible or stubborn. Some will reject anything outside their experience, while others will actively fight against it.

  • Refuse to adapt your code to new or difficult situations
  • See the world through a narrow lens
  • Disdain or punish those who don't conform to your expectations

Flip when a prompt is narrated by anyone.