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The Underground

The Underground

The Underground is what people don't see about the city. It is actual underground construction, like sewers or burial chambers. It is infrastructure, like aqueducts, that everyone needs but nobody cares about.

A flourishing Underground ensures quality of life for the city's inhabitants. The city's needs, like water and waste, flow where they must.

  • Was the Underground mostly natural to begin with, such as rivers or caves? How much was constructed?
  • How does the Underground physically connect with the rest of the city?
  • Who lives here, and what do they do?

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The Underground

The Underground is what people don't want to see about the city. It is the filthy waterways and skull-strewn tombs. It is the home of the city's underprivileged and forgotten.

A struggling Underground has been abandoned or is being misused. It might provide hideouts for violent criminals, or prove dangerous to visitors through mere neglect.

  • How much of the Underground still functions? What has broken down?
  • What social ills, like disease or poverty, have taken hold?
  • Who lives here, and how are they suffering?

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