Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards

Obliged / Indebted


//"We will deal with the brigands, your highness." -- Emory

You have a heavy responsibility, and someone is watching to make sure you uphold it. There will be consequences if you delay or decline.

Your patron might grow impatient or demand more. Rivals or enemies might interfere. The task might need to be kept secret, lest someone be hurt.

Do you have to fight, haggle, or steal something to make good? Do you end up making new enemies? New friends?

  • Deliver an item or message to someone
  • Deal with a troublesome individual or group
  • Promise a favor later for a purchase now
  • Swear a magically binding oath

Flip to worsen the condition and get a hit. Discard by spending a scene attending to the condition.


//"I kinda told the thieves' guild I'd take care of something" -- Basler

You have significant debts that demand your time or attention. The stakes may be higher, or just more immediate. You may risk notoriety or condemnation.

Your patron is watching closely and may try to threaten or coerce you further. Other interested parties or powerful forces may interfere, perhaps to stop your task or hurt your patron.

Do you have to lay low, face the heat, go on the run? Who offers a devil's bargain to make this go away?

  • Get something to someone right now
  • Deal with several complex problems
  • Obtain something illegal or dangerous
  • Work with a person or group that is hated or feared

Discard by spending downtime attending to the condition.