Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards

Magicked / Cursed


//"Be careful. If anything in the forest looks edible, it's a faerie trap" -- Woody

A spell or other supernatural power is affecting you. It might cause discomfort, distraction, or inconvenience. Your perceptions might be twisted somehow.

You must be careful when doing things that would set off the spell.

What weird rituals or strange ingredients diminish or slow the effects on you? What obnoxious compulsions or taboos does it force on you? What price must you pay to free yourself?

  • Charms, illusions, delusions, and deceptions
  • Magical prohibitions against entering or leaving a place
  • Vexing problems, bad luck, or other trickery

Flip to worsen the condition and get a hit. Discard by spending a scene attending to the condition.


//"That berry was delicious. Hey, who are all of you?" -- Emory

A powerful and baneful magic has you in its grip. You might be under a geas or other powerful compulsion, to act or not act in a certain way.

The rules of the curse may be a mystery. You may suffer pain or great misfortune violating them.

What quest does lifting the curse entail? What sacrifices or dangers do you brave to undo it? Must someone else pay a price on your behalf?

  • Ill fortune or calamity follows you
  • A taboo against doing some common thing
  • Love potions, gibberish speech, or other maledictions

Discard by spending downtime attending to the condition.