Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"They outnumber us 5 to 1, folks!" -- Basler

This encounter includes a group of people or creatures bound together in common purpose.

Gangs can be organized, like criminal gangs or military units, or they can be informal groups, like angry mobs or startled herds of animals.

You may be challenged by a Gang's numerical advantage, or by its planning and influence.

A Gang may:

  • Surround or isolate individuals through strength in numbers
  • Shout down or bully a lone voice
  • Bring a variety of skills or resources to bear on a problem

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//"Sounds like fair odds to me. Have at you!" -- Emory

The strength of a gang is in its numbers. Dealing with individual members can be very different from confronting the gang as a whole.

While an assembled gang acts instinctively, individuals can be made to consider actions more carefully.

You may avoid or circumvent the challenge of a gang by disrupting the group, or by addressing individual members.

A Gang may:

  • Have competing impulses or mixed sympathies or agendas
  • Fall apart if a leader is weakened or shamed
  • Follow a new leader or impulse that better matches its agenda

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