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Uptown is the city's crown. It is home to the elite, including skilled creators, wealthy merchants, influential politicians, and beloved performers. Visitors might beseech an Uptown resident to fund their ventures, or seek their attention for some new idea or creation.

A flourishing Uptown can exert its will, for good or ill, on the surrounding city. They say "power is where you say it is", and the city says that social power lives here.

  • What political and social systems support the neighborhood's position?
  • How is that power wielded, and for whom?
  • How does someone become accepted by Uptown?

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Uptown is the city's fallen crown. Bourgeoisie merchants with pretentions to greatness, shabby aristocrats fallen from favor, or forgotten influencers might all be found here.

A struggling Uptown is a hollow vessel once filled with power, or a puppet dancing on someone else's strings. Residents might uphold the veneer out of pride, or dream of ways to reclaim real glory.

  • What political or social systems once supported the neighborhood?
  • Do the inhabitants still believe they hold real power?
  • What will they do to get it back?

Flip to see the flourishing version of this neighborhood