Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"That's Gretamaw, the Beaked Butcher!" -- Basler

This encounter includes someone or something that bards sing about.

A Notorious monster whispered of by fearful villagers. A place of power that most folks avoid. An artifact of legend, replete with arcane power. A person known for great or terrible deeds.

You may be challenged by the weight of Notorious reputation, by those who follow or worship it, or by the very power that made it famous.

Notorious things may:

  • Impress or intimidate you with their presence
  • Live up to the legend in a big way
  • Reveal some unexpected or unreported ability

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//"Save the beak. We need it to claim the reward!" -- Basler

Fame has its price.

If the stories that have gotten around are accurate, you might know how to take on this encounter - maybe.

Sometimes tales are false, and notorious things prove to be very different than you expect.

You may avoid the challenge of a Notorious threat when you correctly leverage its lore, or when you look at it with fresh eyes and discover the truth behind the stories.

Notorious threats may:

  • Behave or react just as the legends say
  • Draw unwanted attention to themselves in the region
  • Hold a deeper, unsung truth

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