Constellation Cards
Challenges (Front)

Any player may challenge a PC's action if failure is likely and success or failure are both interesting for the story.

When your PC is challenged, you must generate a hit in order to succeed. Other rules provide ways to generate hits.

If you fail to meet a challenge, your PC's intentions are thwarted, or complications arise. There's no challenge if this can't happen.

  • You're navigating rough terrain, and might fall or lose equipment
  • You're fighting or fleeing a dangerous monster, and might get hurt
  • You're working with complex magic or technology, and it might malfunction
  • You're confronting an emotionally fraught situation where harm is possible

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Challenges (Back)

Challenges follow the principle of "say yes or roll the dice".

Use challenges to increase or decrease the difficulty of a situation. For example, a risky combat scene might pose several challenges in succession. A simple social encounter might pose only one challenge.

The player posing the challenge should give an idea of what failure looks like. That player, or the Storyteller, might narrate the specifics of failure.

The same action should not be challenged multiple times unless there are both distinct and interesting ways for it to fail. For example, a demonstration of new magic might go awry by itself, but might also anger a jealous wizard who observes it.

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