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//"It doesn't matter if I win. It matters if I don't try." -- Emory

Courage is strength in the face of grief or pain. It's not just a willingness to do something, but to do it when there's every reason to hold back.

Courage lets you fight when afraid, speak when being shouted down, stand up when you're injured, or take an unpopular stand.

  • Honor or pride must be upheld
  • Someone or something near you has already suffered harm
  • Nobody else can or will take the risk

Flip to get a hit.


//"Emory! Fall back! This isn't our fight!" -- Tana

Courage can twist into cowardice or recklessness. Not everyone knows the right time to run from a battle, or when a battle really needs to be fought. And not everyone is prepared to fight every battle they face.

  • Compromise a principle for safety or expedience
  • Run away to avoid getting hurt, physically or emotionally
  • Seek glory or self-aggrandizement

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