Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"Don't let it touch you! Your skin will rot away!" -- Woody

This encounter includes something that can poison you.

Venomous creatures, assassins with poisoned blades, swamp gasses, and many other things can afflict you with sickness. Poisons can be fast acting and deadly, or gradually debilitating.

You may be challenged to engage the toxic things without getting infected.

A Toxic threat may:

  • Sicken anyone in contact with them
  • Fend off an attack with the threat of toxin
  • Deliberately attack with the poison

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//"My arrows can fly farther than its spit." -- Woody

Poison is not selective. It will harm anyone, friend or foe.

Some toxins have antidotes, or may not penetrate some kinds of defense. For example, a snake's fangs might be deflected by armor.

You may avoid the challenge of a Toxic threat if you discover its secrets or thwart its method of delivery.

A Toxic threat may:

  • Inadvertently harm allies, or themselves if they are not immune
  • Be unable to deliver its poison if you find adequate protection
  • Fail to harm something or someone with a natural or acquired immunity

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