Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"Take a deep breath of that farm air!" -- Tana

You grew up among farmers, trappers, city laborers, or other folk who made their way by the sweat of their brow. Others expected you to carry your own weight. Life could be routine, and you learned ways to pass the time.

You've learned to approach situations with direct, hard work.

  • Be sensitive to the rhythms around you--cycles of nature, or people's routines
  • Make do with what's on hand
  • Coordinate with others to get hard work done

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//"Smells like cow breakfast" -- Basler

Not everyone appreciates the necessity of hard work. But sometimes, just plowing through isn't the right answer either. You're used to getting down in the mud, but it's important to reach for the stars as well.

  • Work harder, not smarter
  • Sacrifice tomorrow's hopes for today's needs
  • Lay a heavy burden on light shoulders

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