Constellation Cards
Constellation Cards



//"The mind directs the body's power. I get it now." -- Basler

Through exercise, mindfulness, and practice, you've learned to use your own mind and body as a tool.

Training lets you fight, move, and act with grace, power, and precision. You can push your own abilities past normal limits, or unlock new ones.

  • Use your body's abilities in place of weapons, armor, or equipment
  • Focus inner strength to resist torment or temptation
  • Gain an understanding of someone from how they move

Flip to get a hit.


//"Well, I can't pick locks with my fingernails, can I?" -- Basler

Your discipline is demanding, and while your body is versatile and powerful, it can't compete with everything.

  • Face a problem that requires tools after all
  • Spend time honing yourself instead of accomplishing an important goal
  • Reveal your abilities to someone you'd rather not see them

Flip when a prompt is narrated by anyone.