Constellation Cards
Flying (Front)

"Did something just swoop overhead?" -- Emory

This encounter includes an important aspect that can fly or is otherwise airborne.

Winged creatures, skilled magicians, and others can fly. Floating platforms, mischievous winds, and more can keep important assets or dangers aloft.

You may be challenged when a flying threat holds your object out of reach, or when you try to affect something in the sky.

Flying threats may:

  • Strike targets on the ground without risking counterattacks
  • Move faster than those trapped on the ground, or reach places they can't
  • See greater distances or from better angles

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Flying (Back)

"Meet my best girl, Annette! A net, get it?" -- Basler

Wings require lots of energy to sustain flight, and are often fragile. Magical or elemental sources of flight can be counter-spelled or negated. Turbulent air can thwart flyers, forcing them to ground, where they might be vulnerable.

You may avoid the challenge of a flyer by disturbing its source of flight or forcing it into situations where its flight won't help.

Flying threats may:

  • Become entangled, trapped, or confined in ways that negate flight
  • Be unable to lift heavy loads or fly under difficult conditions
  • Suffer great harm if they fall a great distance

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