Constellation Cards
Hybrid (Front)

"A Gryphon. The heraldic symbol of my kingdom. Majestic!" -- Emory

A Hybrid being is made up of two or more things, not always living.

Such beings can be part-human (mermaids, harpies), mixed animal (cockatrices, pegasi), shapeshifters (werewolves), or weirder (tree-ogres).

A Hybrid may pose a challenge if characters are unfamiliar with the combination.

Hybrid beings may:

  • Use the best of their combined abilities
  • Use different abilities together in some unique way
  • Reveal a surprising new ability

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Hybrid (Back)

"That thing was terrifying! Your kingdom is messed up!" -- Basler

Not every hybrid has a perfect command of its own nature. Hybrids must also obey the rules of all their component parts.

A Hybrid may not pose a challenge if the characters exploit its weaknesses.

Hybrid beings may:

  • Suffer the vulnerabilities of any of their contributing parts
  • Become confused by conflicting impulses or instincts

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