Constellation Cards
Portentous (Front)

"Where are all those crows going?" -- Tana

This encounter foreshadows something important. It can be a mystical experience, laden with dreams and prophecy, or just a mundane glimpse into a momentous reality beyond.

Ominous encounters not only foretell change, but confront a character with a question: are you ready for what comes next?

Portentous encounters may:

  • Give a taste of things to come
  • Force people into hard moral or personal choices
  • Subtly mingle the mundane and the symbolic or dreamlike

Flip to see ways to meet the encounter's challenges.

Portentous (Back)

"They're going the same way we are. Come on." -- Woody

The Portentous is the first step on a larger road. It both surprises characters, and prepares them for what is next.

You may avoid the challenge of Portentous encounters by meeting the future they suggest with your eyes open.

Portentous encounters may:

  • Reveal an important clue or suggest a strategy
  • Unlock a hidden strength or personal conviction

Flip to see ways the encounter challenges the PCs.