Constellation Cards
Altered (Front)

"A leg brace of tree bark and vines? Well, at least I can walk." -- Woody

Powerful magic has physically changed your appearance or abilities. Your new features might be helpful in limited ways, but mostly they're a hindrance.

You'll have trouble doing things you took for granted, or draw attention to yourself if seen.

What's the worst side effect of the change? What mystic ingredient or substance can hold the change at bay, or undo it? Who looks at you funny, and what might they do next?

  • Animal ears or tails
  • Monstrous modifications like claws, fangs, or scales
  • Partial petrification or zombification

Flip to worsen the condition and get a hit. Discard by spending a scene attending to the condition.

Transformed (Back)

"Aww, the doggie is barking!... Basler?!" -- Tana

You've been physically remade into something new by powerful magic. You can still function, but it's a big adjustment. Your new form's abilities don't match your old one's.

People may flee or attack at the sight of you. You may be unable to speak or explain yourself to them.

Who, or what, can undo the baneful magic you're under? What must you do or obtain or discard to return to normal? Who now hunts or fears you?

  • Polymorphed into an animal
  • Changed into a monster
  • Zombified

Discard by spending downtime attending to the condition.

6 copies of this card are included