Constellation Cards
Armored (Front)

"My daggers bounced off that plate mail! What now?" -- Basler

This encounter includes something important that is heavily defended.

This could mean body armor of leather or metal, hardened barriers of stone, or wood, a protective aura of magic, a divine blessing, or something else.

You may be challenged if you try to penetrate or circumvent the armor to get to what's inside.

Something armored may:

  • Ignore harm from typical weapons or other sources of damage
  • Destroy weaker things that strike it or are struck by it
  • Protect unarmored allies

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Armored (Back)

"You know what metal does? Heats up. Fireball!" -- Tana

Every armor has a weakness or comes at a cost, like making someone slower or something heavier. Some armor has weak spots or is vulnerable to a specific attack. Armor can also suffer if not regularly maintained.

You can confront an Armored obstacle without a challenge if you can find and exploit one of these weaknesses.

Something armored may:

  • Have limited senses that can be exploited by nimble, stealthy, or evasive opponents
  • Be forced to shed the armor if it's heated, if they sink, etc.
  • Be susceptible to area-effect attacks or those of a particular type (magic, psychic, electric, etc.)

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