Constellation Cards
Base (Front)

"Aheheh.. We come in peace?" -- Basler

The encounter includes a place where creatures stay for a common purpose.

A Base can be a temporary encampment, an outpost, a secret headquarters, a wild animal's den, or some other protected space.

You may be challenged if you try to find something specific in the base, find your way out or through, or confront its occupants and their preparations.

A Base may:

  • Bristle with defenders
  • Defy intrusion with traps, labyrinthine structure, or other clever preparations
  • Enable its defenders to cut off escape routes or easily give chase

Flip to see ways to meet the encounter's challenges.

Base (Back)

"Next time, I'll let my sword do the talking." -- Emory

While Bases can be big and imposing, their nature can work against their occupants.

Tents, side-passages, stacked crates, and many other things can help a character even the odds. Camps have a lot of supplies that can be looted or bargained for.

A Base may:

  • House something you're looking for, or something unexpected that can help you
  • Rely on infrastructure that can be destroyed or disrupted
  • Give up secrets about the plans and activities of its occupants

Flip to see ways the encounter challenges the PCs.