Constellation Cards
Diabolical (Front)

"Back, foul fiend! Light will overcome you!" -- Emory

A Diabolical encounter has the touch of evil. An actual summoned demon, a possessed victim, or a dark and malevolent force are all Diabolic.

You may be challenged if you engage with the Diabolical without proper protections or if you unknowingly encounter its influence.

A Diabolical encounter may:

  • Seek to corrupt or influence the vulnerable
  • Exploit moral weaknesses or dark secrets
  • Expose its true nature and hellish powers

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Diabolical (Back)

"Basler, stop cringing. He's not talking about you." -- Woody

Evil hasn't won, though it keeps trying. Powers from beyond are bound by their own rules too, and can be defeated accordingly.

Characters who arm themselves with occult lore or divine blessings may circumvent or neutralize a Diabolical power.

A Diabolical encounter may:

  • Be susceptible to folk incantations or rituals
  • Recoil from the pure of heart
  • Flee to fight another day

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