Constellation Cards
Large (Front)

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall!" -- Tana

This encounter includes something of enormous size. It might be naturally large, like a dragon or a giant, or have been enlarged by magic or other forces.

You may be challenged if you can't overcome your diminutive size relative to a Large threat.

A Large threat may:

  • Resist human-scale attacks or effects
  • Reach or hit an entire area at once
  • Deal devastating damage to smaller creatures and objects

Flip to see ways to meet the encounter's challenges.

Large (Back)

"Just as long as it doesn't fall on us." -- Basler

You may have trouble engaging with a Large encounter due to the size difference, but that trouble goes both ways. It can be hard for Large things to perceive or target smaller foes.

You may counter the challenge of a Large encounter by exploiting your respective sizes somehow.

A Large threat may:

  • Lose track of small details or targets
  • Be easily targeted due to its size
  • Move slowly or clumsily

Flip to see ways the encounter challenges the PCs.