Constellation Cards
Undead (Front)

"This unholy abomination will fall!" -- Emory

Necromancy, curses, or strange phenomena can bring a deceased creature back to a false life. The being is sustained by magic, not biology. Some undead are mindless; others are disturbingly cunning. They are frightening reminders of mortality, often endowed with dread powers.

You may be challenged when you confront the undead using the same tactics you would use against mortal foes.

An Undead threat may:

  • Ignore attacks or effects that target life force
  • Sustain more damage than normal before being defeated
  • Infect those they harm with a plague or sickness

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Undead (Back)

"Not so much fell as fell apart..." -- Basler

Being sustained by dark magic, the undead are equally vulnerable to it.

Many cannot abide holy objects, places, or effects. Others are bound by orders to only guard a certain place, or do a certain thing.

You can avoid the challenge of an Undead threat if you learn what raised them and why, and use that knowledge to outsmart or dispel them.

An Undead threat may:

  • Weaken or expire in the presence of the sacred or the pure
  • Fall prey to tricks or traps a thinking being could avoid
  • Have limitations its creator didn't anticipate

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